1. It's Playtime! is a licensed child care program.

  2. Parents will be notified in writing of any policy changes within 30 days.

  3. We will not administer any medication during you childís stay.

  4. If a child is attending Itís Playtime! full-time and the child is 4 years old they are required to to have a Hearing/Vision test. I will need a copy of the results for the file.

  5. We do not accept children with 100.4 fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and/or illnesses that are contagious to other children, or that require our staffís individual attention.

  6. Parents must provide meals during the childís stay at Itís Playtime! We do not provide breakfast, lunch or dinner. We do provide snacks such as animal crackers and goldfish and we are not responsible for its nutritional value. Parents will be provided with a form to indicate childís food allergies. We DO NOT allow Peanut Butter Sandwiches, and Peanut Butter products.

  7. Drop off and Pick up You must bring the child into the facility and sign the child in when dropping off. If you are late picking up your child you will be charged a late fee. We will not release children to intoxicated parents.

  8. Under no circumstances will Itís Playtime! release a child to anyone not identified in the admission form. A request in writing along with a copy of the parentís driverís license must be submitted to Itís Playtime if a person other than parent is not picking up the child.

  9. Illness and injury: in the event of illness or injury you will be contacted immediately and will be provided a copy of incident report at the time of pick up. 911 will be contacted for injuries that require more than a band-aid to insure the safety of the child.

  10. Parents need to provide an extra set of clothes for all small children that are potty training.

  11. Nap time: If your child is used to napping at a certain time, please let us know so we can keep your childís normal routine. Also, please provide favorite blankets, or sleeping bag. It's Playtime! expects children to follow rules for their safe and the safety of others in the center.

  12. Proof of immunization records and health statement are required for child to participate in the alternative childcare program.

  13. We do not provide any type of transportation to the children.

  14. Parental Involvement: We welcome your comments, opinions, and suggestions.

  15. Parents are encouraged to voice any concerns they may have to the director and/or owner at any time.

  16. We do not provide field trips.
  17. Please provide insect repellant and sun block for outdoor activities.

  18. We do not allow any type of animals in our facility.

  19. During summertime the children will participate in water activities, such as, water sprinkler Ė no pool activity. Parents must give permission for their child to participate in water activities.

  20. To report misconduct or abuse you may reach the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services at 713-940-3009, 1-800-252-5400, or www.tdprs.state.tx.us